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About Us

                                                                     About Us

PAAL (Poly Academy of Achievers and Leaders) is an annex site to Long Beach Poly High School. PAAL supports 11th and 12th graders earning a Poly High School diploma by offering more credits during the school year. PAAL operates on the quarter system, and students can earn 20 credits/quarter, totaling 80 credits at the end of the school year. Students at Long Beach Poly and LBUSD's other comprehensive high schools earn 70 credits per school year. There are additional opportunities at PAAL for motivated students like you to earn beyond 80 credits (0 period at Poly and credit recovery and APEX classes during the school day.) You will take 4 courses at PAAL per quarter, and classes meet daily for 90 minutes. PAAL is Poly, and the enrolled students at PAAL previously attended the larger campus. Our annex campus is 3 blocks from the main campus. PAAL students participate in Poly's graduation and other senior and school activities throughout the school year. PAAL does, however, host school events and, in many ways, operates as its campus given the 3 block distance from the main campus.

One of our missions at PAAL is to have a culture of respect for each student and staff member. This takes work, and we want to continuously improve what it takes to get to know each student and strive to ensure each of you has a safe place where you want to be and learn. In addition, we want to provide opportunities for you to seek dual enrollment as soon as possible. We will show you how. 

Our small campus is a best-kept secret in Long Beach Unified, a small school that is part of the flagship high school in Long Beach. We strive to provide support for you when you have a problem. We work for close relationships with students and families. Here students have a unique opportunity to earn their Poly diploma in a small, highly supportive setting. Another focus at PAAL is to support academic success and to know all of our students personally and academically. Leadership meets with students quarterly to review progress towards high school graduation requirements and adjust individual schedules to support attainment and dual enrollment opportunities. We adapt our master schedule quarterly to offer classes our students need for their diplomas. The introduction of APEX has catapulted our students to great success in catching up on their credits. Our campus is student-driven and boasts a family atmosphere of care and kindness.

PAAL students have an incredible amount of outside support services. Long Beach BLAST Mentors work with students one-on-one, fostering relationships that work towards academic gains, strengthen character development, and encourage higher education and future success. The Guidance Center operates on a referral-based system with students struggling with mental issues and abuse. The Poly Care Center hosts support services on campus twice weekly and identified students participate in group and individual counseling sessions focusing on behavior, academics, grief, relationships, family, and anger. A Cal-SOAP Advisor is on-site twice weekly, supporting students with resume writing, financial aid, employment, and college applications. PAAL students also benefit from a full-time Long Beach BLAST Bridge to Success Mentor who works directly with students with basic life skills, goal setting, character development, trusting relationships, and academic success. Once weekly, we have an advisor from LBCC who meets with students to help them complete registration for LBCC. PAAL has our Build a Jackrabbit program that incentivizes college and career readiness, and students earn a graduation medallion for completing the program. We have our TEAM Jackrabbit mentor program providing staff mentors to students in need. We have a Peer Mentor Program on campus, where students support one another through peer guidance. We host once weekly Jackrabbit Wednesdays, a 24-minute block of focused time where all students participate in schoolwide college and career lessons, SEL lessons, activities, and cultural learning.  

At PAAL, we host a multitude of guest speakers, field trips, and service learning opportunities to support engaging learning experiences and celebrate student success:

  • LB BLAST Bridge to Success class

  • Service-learning opportunities

  • The Getty Center Field Trip

  • Career Exploration Guest Speakers (FBI, Yoga Instructor, LB Transit)

  • Mock Interviews

  • Jackrabbit Career Closet

  • Quarterly Awards for grades, conduct, attendance, and PRIME students

Please join our community if you need to catch up, prefer a smaller school feel, or want to accelerate your learning to have more dual enrollment opportunities. 


Long Beach POLY Academy of Achievers and Leaders

1545 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, California 90813

562.591-1381 Twitter @paalacademy1